Bike Patrol

The MSU Police Department currently has fourteen Trek or Cannondale Police Mountain Bicycles. MSU police officers are required to complete and pass a 40 hour Basic Police Mountain Bike School offered by Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA). Once the officer completes the course, they are Certified Mountain Bike Officers.

The history of the earliest bicycle patrol was the Boston Park Commission’s traffic police. They were the first cyclists employed to patrol the paths of the city parks.

The Baltimore Police Department was the first department to bring back the bike unit after 60 years. The city was faced with a rising incidence of burglaries in a primarily residential area. Officers in patrol cars were having difficulties negotiating alleyways quickly and quietly. When the bicycle was implemented into the Police Department, patrolling alleyways was easily accomplished. The bike patrol had the advantages of speed and mobility in areas which police cruisers could not negotiate.

When MSU PD has three officers working shift, one officer will always be on bike patrol. During special events, bike patrol is always used. It helps maintain security with the increased population on campus. Bike patrol has also contributed to drug and auto burglary arrest.