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Administrative Services


Non-criminal fingerprinting is provided for the following:

  • Bar Examinations
  • Job Applications
  • Security Clearances

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (This service is not available when the University is officially closed.)

Available at a cost of $10.00 (a basic fingerprint card is provided with this cost)

What to Bring:

  • Photo Identification (examples: driver’s license, state identification card, University ID card)
  • Documentation from the business or organization requesting the fingerprints.


Requests for MSUPD Incident Reports or Mississippi Uniform Crash Reports by persons involved generally will be processed when the investigation is completed which normally takes between 2-4 working days.

Accident or Collision Reports

Accident or collision reports should be requested online through eCrash. It should take no longer than three (3) business days for accident or collision reports to be available for download. Simply go to eCrash and select “Mississippi State University Police Department” from the list of agencies to search for your report. Our agency code is 9153 for the Starkville campus and 9111 for the Meridian campus. You can search by your case number and last name or by last name, incident date, and VIN or license plate number. The cost for this service is $15 and is paid online through the eCrash site. Accident/collision reports will no longer be issued through the Records Clerk.

Note: To purchase crash reports with a date earlier than or on 9/2/2019, please go to

Other Reports

Copies of other reports issued through Records, such as Incident/Offense Reports, can be obtained from the Records Clerk Monday thru Friday between 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. The cost for this service is $10 and requires that a request for information form be completed in our office by the person requesting the report.

Lost/Found/Abandoned Property

Another important function of the evidence custodian is to determine if found or recovered property must be stored or can be promptly returned to the owner.

MSUPD personnel receiving lost or abandoned property will complete an Evidence/Property Card:

  1. Include the full name of the person turning the property over
  2. A telephone number should also be taken. The number should include the area code.
  3. An email address should also be taken.
  4. Location and date the property was discovered.
  5. Date and time property was received by MSUPD.
  6. Description of property and name of personnel receiving the property.
  7. Evidence/Property Card signed by the individual turning the property over.
  8. Attempt should be made by personnel receiving lost/found or abandoned property to locate the owner if identification is attached to the property.
  9. Property released to owner by having the owner sign the Evidence/Property Card.
  10. Photo ID must be presented before property is released.
Lost and Found Campus Locations
Lost and Found Campus Locations Contact Info
Colvard Student Union (Information Desk) (662) 325-2375
Davis Wade Stadium - Game Management (662) 325-8158
Fresh Foods (open 10:30-10:30) (662) 325-5529
Joe Frank Sanderson Center (662) 325-7529
Mitchell Memorial Library (662) 325-7668
Perry Cafeteria (closes at 2 p.m.) (662) 325-3394
Police Department (662) 325-2121

Each of the residence halls and many of the academic buildings have a main desk where items may be turned in, so you are encouraged to check with each of them individually. Often items turned into those locations are later turned over to MSUPD if they are not claimed within a week.


Law enforcement accreditation is a set of standards that promotes the efficient use of resources and improves service delivery for an agency. The Accreditation Manager at the Mississippi State University Police Department is responsible for maintaining compliance with all state and national accreditation standards as established by the respective accreditation commissions. The standards by which the agency is measured specify what should be addressed in the agency policies and procedures. The standards evaluate all facets of an agency including administration, patrol, investigations, personnel, internal affairs, prisoner security, traffic, use of force, and more.

Participation in the accreditation process is voluntary, and accreditation is awarded by an independent reviewing committee who conducts an on-site evaluation of the agency. Attaining accredited status demonstrates to the community that an agency is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional law enforcement service. The accreditation of an agency is awarded for a three-year period upon with the agency must apply for reaccreditation.

In March of 2005, Mississippi State University Police Department was awarded accredited status with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). At the time, the department was the first at a Mississippi institution of higher learning and just the third law enforcement agency statewide to achieve national law enforcement accredited status. The department was most recently awarded reaccredited status in July 2017.

In November 2006, Mississippi State University Police Department was awarded accredited status with the Mississippi Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (MSLEAC). Being MSLEAC accredited means that the agency must comply with 121 standards for state accreditation during a 2-year self-assessment. Mississippi State Accreditation standards meet the 110 CALEA Recognition standards and meet one fourth of the 459 CALEA Accreditation standards. The Mississippi State University Police department was most recently awarded reaccredited status in March 2017.

Notice of Recording

For your safety, Mississippi State University deploys cameras and video recordings of public spaces and buildings.