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Background Image Alternative Text: Emergency Phones
Background Image Alternative Text: Emergency Phones

Crime Prevention

Safe Walk

Safe Walk provides the campus with an escort service at night to escort people to their cars or buildings. Upon request, Campus Security Officers will be sent to walk you to your destination. They are equipped with two-way radios and wear uniforms identifying them as "security". In addition, they patrol the campus on foot and golf carts in an effort to provide an extra set of eyes and ears for the Police Department and report any activities that the Police need to respond to. Hours of operation vary but typically begin at dark and last through the early morning hours.

Community Policing

Campus community policing is a philosophy based on the recognition that nothing can outperform dedicated people working together to make their campuses better and safer places in which to live, work, and study. The formation of partnerships among students, faculty, staff, and the police department is a key principle in community policing. Recognizing that law enforcement alone cannot solve the varied problems facing our communities today, seeking assistance from the community is essential to making headway against the problems we face today.

Emergency Blue Light Phone Information

As an added security measure, “Emergency Blue Light” non-dial, outdoor emergency telephones are located at strategic points throughout campus. The phones are easily identified by their distinctive blue lights that can be seen both day and night.

When the button is activated/pushed or the receiver is lifted, the caller is immediately placed in contact with MSUPD Dispatch Center. In addition to providing voice contact with a police dispatcher, the dispatcher will also know the caller’s precise location. These Emergency Blue Light phones are checked regularly by MSUPD personnel and are for emergency use only.

R.A.D. – Rape Aggression Defense Program

Rape Aggression Defense, known as R.A.D., is a self-defense program designed specifically for women. The R.A.D. approach to personal safety begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance, and progresses to hands-on physical defense techniques.

Participants in the program will learn a wide range of tactics, including verbal techniques, ground defense options, escaping from bear hugs and chokeholds, and many more. The techniques are practical and designed to maximize the strength of a woman’s body to build upon existing instinctive responses and provide women with effective self-defense options.

The R.A.D. program is taught by nationally certified instructors who are dedicated to the growth and well-being of the women in our campus community. The course is suitable for women of all ages and abilities.

Those interested in the program should contact the Crime Prevention Coordinator at, and provide her with your name, email address, phone number, and when you are needing the program.

Operation I.D.

Operation Identification (I.D.) is a program formulated to assist interested individuals in collecting important information on their valuables. This information is to be kept on file in the unfortunate event they are reported lost or stolen while on campus. Individuals are encouraged to complete a Property Identification Form and keep it in a safe place and/or turn it in to the MSU Police Department so that if their valuables are reported lost or stolen, they already have the necessary information to give to police officers.

MSUPD will only maintain any forms submitted to them for a 3-year period. Anyone wishing to keep this information on record with the MSUPD beyond the 3-year period will need to complete a new form as the end of the third year approaches. In addition, individuals may bring their valuables to MSUPD in Butler Williams Bldg. and request to have an officer permanently mark their valuable property with an identifying number using an electrical engraver.

Notice of Recording

For your safety, Mississippi State University deploys cameras and video recordings of public spaces and buildings.